Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A unique experience

I am not too fond of Carnatic music - I've always assumed that it is too staid, rigid, and to top it all, usually sung in a language that I don't understand. Being a music and lyrics person, I've always been baffled by the lyrics (or lack thereof) in this ancient art form. So, I went to watch Margazhi Raagam - a movie that was simply a 2-hour Carnatic concert (by Bombay Jayshree and T.M. Krishna) - simply out of curiosity.

To my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I 'd heard Bombay Jayshree before, and it was lovely watching her sing- the sight of those straining vocal chords is still fresh in my memory. T.M. Krishna, on the other hand, was a revelation! If Jayshree was Gilmour - perfect, serious, and solemn, Krishna was Freddie Mercury - vibrant, joyful, a rock star. I enjoyed every moment of his performance - the audible gasps of appreciation for his musicians, the self satisfied sighs of approval for his own performance - this man was having a blast and it showed! I would have never thought that a Carnatic musician could be so mesmerizing!

That said, I still cant relate to Carnatic music like I do to rock, primarily because the lyrics still baffle me. I need to be able to connect to the song, and while Carnatic can be comforting, it is still only vaguely so. Ju, sing me some good lyrics, will you?

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CYCO said...

I saw this movie sorry concert last Saturday with my daughter. First to my surprise she sat through the entire event - which was quiet surprising to expect from a 6 year old. And to top it all she actually liked it, especially when T.N.Krishna sang the Tyagaraja kriti - Seethapathe in kamas. I was relectuant to take her there, but reading your review, I know you are not too much into classical music, but if you had a great time, I knew she could get thru this.

And for me it was ecstasy. Thanks for your review - that gave me the courage to take your niece along...