Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The cute little fella is the movie

Watched Taare Zameen Par after a lot of glowing reviews and feedback. But it was Darsheel Safary's bunny teeth that pulled me into the theatre on a Sunday afternoon. TPZ is the story of Ishaan, a seemingly misfit boy who's spirit is almost broken down by the demands of uber-competitive today's education system.

The first half of the movie is wonderful - we get introduced to an adorable 8-year old who is not quite the model child, but one with a lot of spunk. Ishaan's world is slightly different, its ruled by colours and feeling - a sensory world that has little room for mundane, everyday things such as studies and homework. Ishaan is more interested in the bird outside the window and the letters in his books keep swimming out of reach. Aamir Khan does admirable work in letting us get a glimpse of Ishaan's world, his day away from school is simply brilliant. But Aamir is trying to make a serious movie here, with a message and all that jazz. So we get highly caricatured parents who try their best to whip (not literally) their wayward son into shape all through.

Enter Aamir Khan as this extra-sensitive, overemotional art teacher who takes it upon himself to bring Ishaan back into the light. Or something like that. And the movie begins to slide into preaching mode. To paraphrase G, the movie 'underestimates the viewer's intelligence'. We know how the system works here, we know about pressure on school kids, we are aware that parents can be demanding. But Aamir goes overboard, I wanted to hurl a brick at Aamir whenever he got preachy with the father (Vipin Sharma), who is treated pretty unjustly here. He is portrayed as the guy who scowls when his elder son fails to win a tennis tournament and we are supposed to believe that he has no affection for Ishaan because he's not an achiever. For a movie that stresses on the demand placed on kids to be achievers, its strange that Ishaan's redemption (and parental acceptance) comes from a damn good achievement. Aamir, if you want to make a point, then stick to it, don't dilute your own message!

That said, I loved Darsheel Safary. That kid is amazing!He simply rules in the first half (the focus shifts to Aamir in the second). That expression on his face where he finds out his father is just fooling him about going away forever - priceless! Darsheel is the heart and soul of TPZ. Him, and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's music. Those guys have done a fabulous job again.

Verdict: Not bad, would have been better if it hadn't been so preachy!


I thought it would never get over, and then one day it did! My first sector report as solo analyst is out!! Over a month of hectic work, hope at least a few people read it. Now, its a week of marketing, and then I'm off to get hitched. There, I said it. Hope to catch the Iron Maiden concert in Mumbai before I go.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


K.S. Mahadevan - 1923 - 2008. RIP.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Busier than a bee

An eventful weekend. Got bumped into not once, but twice. Wanted to tear those filthy $%@#&s apart. They should be grateful that I am not physically violent by nature! Was therefore doubly wary of the crowd at the Standard Chartered Marathon the next day. But enjoyed myself thoroughly, and got noble thoughts about running in the next one. Only time will tell. G finished the half marathon in 2:03 hrs - am so proud of him. 21 kms, all the way to Haji Ali and back. And he had the energy to go shopping (not for me) in the evening! Maybe he can shame me into participating the next time around.

In the meantime, work is killing me, and my to-do list (at work and otherwise) is getting longer and longer. Once again, I have overextended myself for this Saturday. And will probably get rogered for it. Cheerios folks, hope you're having a better time of it than this.

Monday, January 14, 2008


... my foot!

Humankind's lofty ideals and exulted emotions are but a blink of the eye of some pseudo sapient universal order. Individuals are inconsequential, mere bits of soggy paper thrown about in a maelstrom. Some individuals, bless our poor souls, are more so - worse than dogs who wag their tails in the promise of a bone, only to be pelted with stones and slink away with our tails between our diseased legs.

Some times...

... all people can do is disappoint you. Enjoy your Monday morning folks!

Friday, January 04, 2008

It makes me wanna hurl...

... thats why I didn't want to blog about it till now. But its difficult to ignore something as big as women being molested right outside one of Mumbai's poshest hotels, while the police commissioner makes statements about making mountains out of molehills! Calling this an outrageous act would be an understatement. The women I know, and I, have been rendered speechless by the enormity of this event. A lot of women I know like to go out at night with family and friends. This scares the hell out of all of them.

The 2 victims weren't even 'provocatively dressed' as some would call it. But these men needed no provocation. Like Tony Curtis famously said, being a woman is like waving a red flag at a bull! The police have caught 2 of the 50 odd men at the scene (4 if some reports are to be believed). One of them has been in fact turned in by neighbours. Admirable, yes. But does nothing to cover up the fact that Mumbai is no longer safe. The solution lies not in women staying at home, but ensuring that we set an example. Hang these men I say, that ought to scare the hell out of everybody else!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It has begun...

"What has begun?", they asked, confused. "It" I snapped, "move!"

Reading The Unwaba Revelations, so couldn't resist. The eagerly awaited part three of the Gameworld trilogy by Samit Basu. Reading currently hampered by
  • Lots, I mean, lots of work
  • House hunting- Gaaah!
  • Socializing - inevitable, its the new year
  • Lesser time for self - unintended consequence of recent decisions.
2008 is off to a roaring start, and I have no time to breathe!