Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Busier than a bee

An eventful weekend. Got bumped into not once, but twice. Wanted to tear those filthy $%@#&s apart. They should be grateful that I am not physically violent by nature! Was therefore doubly wary of the crowd at the Standard Chartered Marathon the next day. But enjoyed myself thoroughly, and got noble thoughts about running in the next one. Only time will tell. G finished the half marathon in 2:03 hrs - am so proud of him. 21 kms, all the way to Haji Ali and back. And he had the energy to go shopping (not for me) in the evening! Maybe he can shame me into participating the next time around.

In the meantime, work is killing me, and my to-do list (at work and otherwise) is getting longer and longer. Once again, I have overextended myself for this Saturday. And will probably get rogered for it. Cheerios folks, hope you're having a better time of it than this.

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CYCO said...

A marathon runner.... cool! My wishes to G.