Friday, January 04, 2008

It makes me wanna hurl...

... thats why I didn't want to blog about it till now. But its difficult to ignore something as big as women being molested right outside one of Mumbai's poshest hotels, while the police commissioner makes statements about making mountains out of molehills! Calling this an outrageous act would be an understatement. The women I know, and I, have been rendered speechless by the enormity of this event. A lot of women I know like to go out at night with family and friends. This scares the hell out of all of them.

The 2 victims weren't even 'provocatively dressed' as some would call it. But these men needed no provocation. Like Tony Curtis famously said, being a woman is like waving a red flag at a bull! The police have caught 2 of the 50 odd men at the scene (4 if some reports are to be believed). One of them has been in fact turned in by neighbours. Admirable, yes. But does nothing to cover up the fact that Mumbai is no longer safe. The solution lies not in women staying at home, but ensuring that we set an example. Hang these men I say, that ought to scare the hell out of everybody else!


crazyBugga said...

punishments are not the rite way to prevent ppl from don wat tey do rite? hmmmm... sad situation nonetheless

Ananth Subramanian said...

This has nothing to do with your blog.
You do NOT reveal the plot of a book in the comments section of an author's blog.(
I'm also angry because I found out Red dies.(thanks to you.)
Needed to shout at somebody.

Diviya said...

Well, well. Samit published the comment, didn't he? If I say anything more, you'll shout again :). Read on, is all I'll say.

Ananth Subramanian said...

Finished the book.
Still, I had fun being righteously indignant at you:P.