Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Simoqin Prohecies

An SFF novel from the 23-year old Samit Basu, the Simoqin Prophecies is extremely witty and engaging. The book is about Asvin -a hero who is chosen to defeat the rakshas Danh-Gem if and when he rises from the dead, Maya - a really smart spellbinder, Kirin -the only ravian left on Earth, and Spikes - Kirin's pashan bodyguard. The book is full of cheeky references to practically every action fantasy- Robin Hood, Ramayan, the Mahabharat, Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings.

The best feature of this book is the blurring of lines between good and evil, quite unlike traditional SFFs like the LOTR. I cant wait for the sequel to be published.

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Shobhik said...

Its a rocking book!
Samit said The Manticore's Secret will come out in December, so I'll be buying it then!
You're right about the best feature - it truly makes the book different from the other 'competitors'. I use the quotes because I feel there is no competition in this regard for teh book.

Lets hope Samit can keep this up with the next two books.