Thursday, October 13, 2005

How appalling!

The JAMMAG article not withstanding, IIPM has made sure that it gets enough negative publicity by threatening to sue (I wasn't aware that B-schools needed a "head of the legal and compliance counsel"!!) Gaurav Sabnis, who linked the post of an anonymous blogger claiming to be an ex-IIPM student, and causing his subsequent resignation from IBM. Perhaps its time that some authorised body was set up to validate B-schools and their claims in order to protect the interests of aspiring MBAs who end up spending a fortune on nothing at all.


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Prakriti said...

You could activate the word verification option in your blog options. It would keep the spam out.

I so want to write a post on Gaurav Sabnis's incident. I am stunned by it. And somehow fighting for what he did is exactly what I want to do in life. But then I guess I am getting late to go back and suck my boss's d*ck.

I am in bombay.

Prakriti said...
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