Friday, November 04, 2005


Over the years, the number of weird guys (i.e. guys you'd never even heard of before. Stalkers?!) who sent emails and smses, called to see if I'd be interested had dwindled down to zero,and I was quite pleased that growing older did have a few perks. But now, it has started again and its so frustrating. I mean, what do these guys think? I'd just jump at the offer because I am 26 and single. And the worst part is that they pretend to be these really decent guys - I am sorry if I caused you mental agony - what crap! And they have the freaking nerve to get my number from wherever they do and call me up! Aaargh! I feel like slapping them around and handing them over to some torturers. Freaks!

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Prakriti said...

Uh uh!

I knew the "going decent" way had it's pitfalls!

Where the heck did I keep my fangs?