Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I loved Brokeback

Brokeback Mountain made me incredibly sad. It is a beautiful and touching story of two people in love - only in this case both of them are men. Jack is the impulsive, passionate man in love, while Ennis is the guy who grew up through hard times and is scared to throw away the little he has. In a way, it is Ennis who keeps pulling back, never giving in completely to what he feels for Jack. The men are tolerant, even light hearted, about the women in their lives, but not with other men - Ennis breaks down when he finds out that Jack has been with other men.

Heath Ledger is great as Ennis del Mar, the guy who is so afraid of letting himself go. Early on in their relationship, when Ennis tells Jack about his upbringing, Jack remarks that its the most he's heard him speak in the past 2 months. To which Ennis replies 'Its the most I've spoken in a year'. Haven't seen Capote, but Ledger deserved that Oscar.


green said...

Do you think this one deserved an oscar as much as crash?

wiseorotherwise said...

You've gotta check out, "Crash". It's amazing!

Diviya said...

Liked crash. Loved Brokeback.