Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The unbearable weight of being

Women can be really stupid. When it comes to men, that is. I really don't know what it is about relationships that turns the smartest of women into bumbling idiots. Take this woman, for instance. Known her for way too long, I must say. So when this guy came into her life, the operative words were 'caution', 'time', 'no involvement', the works. But did she listen? To be fair, she tried hard not to get carried away by 'feelings' and 'emotions'. But then you know how these things go - puppy dog eyes, romantic dinners and stuff. And hey, she's only human, right? Well, evidently she forgot the pain she's been through after the last time. Whats that popular quote - Only fools make the same mistake twice? Yep, she's a total fool. Absolutely, unbelievably, mind bogglingly stupid. Sorry babe, merely stating a fact. But you know you'll be fine, don't you? It will hurt for a while, but time heals all. Amen.

On that note,

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