Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I request all parents with girl children to pay attention to this message. Kindly bring up your girl child such that she grows up with no brains or personality whatsoever. In case your little girl shows signs of being pretty bright, or questions what you might believe, get her lobotomized. For if you let her grow into a person with a mind of her own, she'll only be asked to dumb it down and toe the line at all points of her life. Or she'll grow up, think she's found this cool place or this great chap, only to be asked to become a mute spectator to her own life. And if she tries to stand up for what she believes in, she'll be spat upon and torn down. Do your girl child a big favour - bring her up to be sheep. For no matter what we say, we still live in a deeply male dominated society and the norms are still sexist, if only less blatant.


crazyBugga said...

thats very true... standards are different for guys and gals... but it is gettin better rite? [:)]

me said...

Wow! Have thought on those same lines forever but have never been able to express it so well. (Two thumbs up and a bow!)