Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Woke up on Sunday morning and was whisked away to buy jewellery. Even without the Diwali crowds, I find that shopping for jewelery is a total waste of time and money. This time, my parents had a "big reason" argument. And one can't really argue against parents when both their minds are made up in the same direction. So off we went into one shop after another, looking for the perfect diamond(s).

Now, I would be lying if I said that I don't find jewellery attractive. Its just that I am too practical to buy a single stone that I would probably wear a few times in my life and spend the rest worrying about its safety. Ditto all the pretty stuff that dazzle you with their sparkle. Great to look at, but no thanks, I hardly wear jewellery! Despite my protests, we came home with our purses considerably lighter and a tiny little box that made my folks happy. Diamonds are a girl's best friend? Not for this one. Came away sorely tempted though!

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