Tuesday, December 11, 2007


(Review expedited due to request from CrazyBugga)

Comparisons to American Pie (the first one, of course) are inevitable, so let me start by saying that Superbad is way better. Way grosser, yes, particularly since these kids are in high school, but way more witty. The plot is simple - 3 high school kids, bordering on the geek-nerd phenomenon, obsessed with sex in the way only teenage virgins are, attempt to get laid. Given their natural nervousness towards the opposite sex, that they are convinced that a copious amount of alcohol is the only way of getting their dream girls into bed with them.

Seth Rogan (Knocked Up) apparently wrote the script for Superbad while he was a teenager, so the kids talk nonstop about boners and girlie bits from dawn to dusk. We hope thats true, else it would be a sad case of art imitating life (Rogan plays a trigger-happy, juvenile cop in Superbad). That said, its a hilarious glimpse into the hormone fueled life of a teenager. The boys Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera, George-Micheal of Arrested Development) are perfect for the role. Hill, as the chubby loser-ish guy whose idea of friendship also includes comments on the mammary glands of Evan's mother, is amazing! The bit where he steals alcohol from a party in detergent cans - hilarious! Christopher Mintz -Plasse as Fogell, the wide-eyed nitwit who poses as McLovin with his fake id, is an absolute scene stealer. I cracked up every moment he was on screen. Cera could have done this role in his sleep, and no one could have been better.

That said, the girls in the movie are little more than cardboard sweeties who seem to fall for guys clearly out of their league. Rogan has not attempted to even give them half-brains or personalities beyond their tight tees and short pants. This is a movie written by a guy and is sympathetic towards the plight of the not-so-cool boys at high school. But its greatest failing is that it treats the girls as little more than objects of the boys' testosterone driven fantasies. And then there is this obligatory brothers-over-girls angle as well.

That said, its a damn funny movie, hilarious in most parts. And unlike American Pie, the movie doesn't try to please all sections of the audience. So, the guys will simply love it, most girls might get offended, but the rest of us will simply unhook our brains and have a good laugh!

Verdict - Didn't you read the title, folks?

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crazyBugga said...

OK. This better be as u say. Or u pay me 120 bucks.

Actually i found ur review good. Much better than other reviews found elsewhere. Watch more movies. [:P]