Monday, January 10, 2005

Movies, music and haircuts

Alexander turned out to be a singularly bad movie. What's with Hollywood and the clunky epics? And the background score gets cheesier by the day. Mr. Stone, if you want to show Hephaistion and Alexander in love, then show them in love, for God's sake. Why be a prude? Colin Farrell showed promise in Phone Booth, but he is simply pathetic as Alexander. Just before I entered the auditorium, I realised that I'd barely missed the screening of "Swimming Pool". Too bad.

Made up on Sunday by watching Paul Cox's "The Human Touch". I don't really think I have the capability to review the movie here. All I can say is that I've never seen anything like it. A journey of self-discovery and more, its simple and touching. Jacqueline McKenzie as Anna has the kind of beauty that mainstream movies heroines will never have. The film festival is on till Thursday, will take a couple of days off from work to watch as many films as I can.

Spent the rest of the Sunday wondering if the new age bands would ever make good music. Got a much needed haircut in the evening. If you have been suffering from bad hair days for months, then you'd probably realise the significance of a good hair cut. Makes you feel like a new person, doesn't it?

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