Tuesday, January 18, 2005

On changing jobs

A new job is like a new love - exciting, tempting, full of promises, but you have this strange feeling inside the stomach- nervousness, confusion. Will it work, or wont it? Will it make me happy, or throw me down into the dumps? And just like love, only time can tell.


Anonymous said...

hmmm... wonder how many of each you have had. once you've had enough, you'll realise which is easier to get out of :-)


abhi said...

imagine this. you are high up in the air on an untrustworthy single engine piston twin seater. you close the throttle, yank the stick back and kick the rudder launching your aircraft into one of the most terrifying manoeuvers in a trainees life. suddenly the whole world seems to spin around your head and as you loose count the spin tightens. just seven hundred metres from the ground you decide to recover, gain altitude and do it once more.. this time with greater perfection.
wasn't once enough?
love is like that. ask me and i will tell you that it is like the gybe at the end of a run on a gusty day. you risk everything in the gybe. a capsize and you may lose a couple of positions. a broken mast and you may lose the race. do it badly and you may scar yourself for life. you are aware of the risks. yet you just go and do it risking so much. but at the end of the day even if you have lost you are happy because you have tried.
ask me and i will tell you that falling in love is not like changing a job.

ps.hey i lost my teeth in a gybe! lol