Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Music is your only friend...Until the end

There are times when things aren't as hunky dory as they should be. People cannot seem to find anything wrong, yet there is something gnawing away at your soul. This is when you need a friend, a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold. No questions asked, no explanations sought, just a presence to comfort and soothe. But when that's too much to ask for, and you find yourself all alone in the dark, there comes a voice... singing to you from a distant time, taking you to places warm and tender, soaking up your troubles like a sponge. And then you realise - with joy and pain - that Jim Morrison has been a better friend than those you were willing to die for.

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Prakriti said...

The more melancholy you keep getting, the more fascinating you look to me!
Tis a sterling test of character, and strength of being to delve in
loneliness, flavor acute melancholy, confront crunching despair and yet walk out with your head held high.
I have been in the same docket(yes, i DO understand and comprehend) during my four years at engineering, not comprehending the Whys, not willing to numb myself, and yet look around at the world going by in absolute agony as it passes by without a hint. Bono was my best friend then, with his primal moaning

"I want to run,
I want to hide,
I want to tear down these walls that hold me inside,
I want to reach out and touch the flame,
To where the streets have no name!"

Pain purifies. And exhalts at having made you experience facets of yourself that you didn't know existed. You would be proud of these moments.

Trust me.

Hold on for a while. Just a while.