Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A year in Mumbai

Starting life all over in Mumbai isn't too easy. Mumbai bedazzles and confounds the newcomer, frightens the bravest into loneliness. And if you have a heavy heart to begin with, Mumbai creeps over you like some old monster with its impersonal crowds. But then it grows on you, wraps you up in its embrace, entangles you in its complex network... becomes amchi Mumbai. And you begin to wonder if you'll ever want to leave this loveable beast.


Prakriti said...

Mumbai just doesn't leave the mind. The first 15 days are hell. The next month doubtful. But then it becomes one's own. You start getting involved in it like you would never ever with a place. Start indulging it's idiosyncracies. The sea starts beckoning!

Could not agree with you more!

And i have this fascination with finding written stuff about bombay!

Did you read Suketu Mehta's book yet? Ammmmazing stuff!

Shalini said...

Its been 4 months since we moved to Bombay and we still don't see what the hullabulloo is about this city. Its not really a great place to live, a terrible place traffic-wise, the weather is pathetic, the civic infrastructure is non-existent...are these things that make a city a good place to live in? It's all just hype and bollywood.....nothing else to this city at all.