Monday, February 06, 2006

Blue jeans, Bryan Adams and red hot chicken

Was a bit under the weather on Friday till this lady at the office wondered why a girl who is usually so cheerful that there is always a song on her lips was so gloomy. And presto, I was alright. I mean, nothing is worth losing that, is it? Went home with a song on my lips and a great weight off my chest.

Went shopping on Saturday, indulged myself - a pair of jeans, some perfume, some pizza. Great for the soul. The Bryan Adams show was a treat. I don't like all his songs, cant stand the mush, but the ones I do like - it was great hearing him play. The guy rocks! Topped that off with great music and dinner at the Irish Pub, Bandra. The only shock that evening was hearing a couple of 12 year old kids swearing like drunken sailors. Shucks, made me feel old!

Sunday started out lazy, till I got on a train to Thane. Sandwiched along with a couple of hundred women in a second class compartment on a train that moved like a snail, I got a rude shock when a woman started hurling the choicest of abuses my way. Apparently she found it offensive that I was talking in English on my phone. After a few minutes, I couldn't help roaring with laughter, as did the other women on the train. Thanked the Heavens for a sense of humour. Or of the absurd. But it was worth the trouble to haul my ass all the way up to Thane - dinner was red hot chicken with roti, topped with ice cream with chocolate sauce. Yum!

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