Monday, February 13, 2006

Movie marathon, and a 7-hr flight to Delhi

Back-to-back movie session on Thursday (yes, I had an off) with the Chronicles of Narnia and Rang de Basanti. Narnia was visually stunning. Tilda Swinton was magnificent as the ice witch (the last I saw her was as Gabriel in Constantine)- the lady has a screen presence that is just awesome. James McAvoy's baby blues were stunning even as Mr. Tumnus the faun. Otherwise, it was standard Disney fare with rather flat characters. Georgie Henley as little Lucy was impressive. Verdict: Worth a watch.

Didn't have too many expectations from Rang de Basanti, so was pleasantly surprised to watch a film that actually touched me. I am not too much of a patriot myself (got a 2/10 on a patriotism quiz once!), but the movie raised a pertinent question - how relevant in patriotism today? I didn't like the ending much, but I guess that the director wanted to DJ and gang to die like Bhagat Singh and the others did. Great performances - Siddarth as the intense, brooding Karan was simply superb. Great music. A.R.Rahman can turn out good fare if he puts his mind to it. Pity he doesn't do that too often. Verdict: Watch once.

Took a 6 a.m. flight to Delhi on Friday, reached at 3 p.m. due to fog to attend the analyst meet of a company that claims it helps planes land in near zero visibility! I guess HCL Tech needs to pitch in for infrastructure upgrade at the Delhi airport.

Caught Mixed Doubles on Saturday. The movie is adult, silly, immature, funny and doesn't take itself seriously at any point. Absolutely delightful. Verdict: Must watch!

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