Monday, May 29, 2006

Adrenalin rush!

X3 starts off with the much awaited Danger Room scene, which ends in Wolverine slashing off a sentinel's head in classic comic book style. The rush just starts there - the announcement of a cure, the rise of the Phoenix in Lake Alkali, and a host of new characters that includes the super furry Beast, Angel, Juggernaut and Kitty Pryde. The first half tries to do some justice to the characters - Wolvie learns that his beloved Jean Grey has gone over to the dark side, Storm is growing more responsible (and Halle Berry tries to be a better Storm!), and all sorts of mutants line up for the cure. But the second half is more of mind blowing action, which little regard to anything else. Not that I am really complaining; you get to see just how powerful Magneto can be, Bobby Drake finally turns into a full-fledged Iceman, Beast and Storm get some great moves, and Wolvie puts his claws to great use.

That said, I hated quite a lot of things about the movie. Nightcrawler, played by the awesome Alan Cumming in X2, fails to show up. Scott Summers was never one of my favourite characters and I really didn't mind when the first 2 movies didn't do the character justice. But here, he's finished off without a second thought. Professor Xavier is the next to go, while Magneto just sits by and watches! Mystique is cured, as is Rogue, and worst of all - Wolvie and Beast use the cure on Magneto!! Unforgivable. The one thing that kept me from hating it totally was the last scene that hints at Magneto getting his powers back.

Brett Ratner has made a great action movie, but it is a let down after a really great X2. Ratner has bitten off more than he can chew and while he manages to keep the audience fully entertained, he falls short of making a great last stand for the amazing X-Men. Still loved it, though - the movie does manage to capture the essence of the X Men saga, and Ratner has not messed it up (Thank God)! Verdict - Must watch.

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