Monday, July 17, 2006

Exhausted but happy

Went on a trek to Tungareshwar near Vasai in Thane district with 8 other people. Started off at 9 from Borivali on a horribly crowded Virar train. Reached the base at 10 and started walking up a fairly crowded trail to the Shiva temple there. Right next to the temple was a river mouth with sparkling clean water that put some real life into us. Lunched there and started the real trek up to the ashram up in the hills.

A 5 minute shower chased away the heat and humidity that was beginning to affect the group, and we continued with renewed vigour. About 50 minutes into the trail, my friend and I realized that we had left the others far behind. We plodded on, meeting some really interesting folks on the way - botanists, bird watchers, photography enthusiasts. We reached a lovely plateau at about 3, sat there and watched the cows graze and got nostalgic about B-school. The others in the meantime, had proceeded to the ashram in search of water.

So we sat at a tiny waterfall that fell into a small pond and watched crabs and frogs for a while. After a while, we started skipping stones on the water and had a little world cup there. Great fun - felt like 10 again! Then the clouds decided to give us a bigger thrill and descended down on us. Walked in the clouds for a while, enjoying the misty feeling. Hated it when we had to head back. Great trip, cant wait to do it again!

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