Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rains and mayhem

After almost non-stop rainfall for 4 days, the skies cleared up yesterday and Mumbai returned to normal. Trains kept running despite flooding along the tracks (especially the Western Railway), police were around in case things went wrong, and mobile phones were working without major disruptions. While Mumbaikars breathe a sigh of relief, we must take time to say a few things about a few key players - the Mumbai Muncipal Corporation, State government and the media.

First, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. Which hasn't done anything at all since last year's deluge despite tall claims of having done this and that. The BMC says that it has cleaned up the Mithi - well who knows, all we care is that our homes and streets were flooded on the very first day of rains!

The State Government - the CM Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh went on record to say that 'Mumbaikars were used to such things and that the city would be fixed in another 2-3 years'!! People, please make sure that this guy loses the next election!

The media, which sensationalized everything (as usual), showing pictures of the most flooded areas and extrapolating it to all of Mumbai. The irresponsible media single handedly created enough panic in the city. Not to mention worried family members outside the city. Shame on you!

That said, Mumbai once again displayed courage and resilience, with people refusing to stay at home even with threatening Met forecasts. And a special mention to the teenagers who were in the water, offering directions and support to stranded vehicles and commuters. We are so proud of you! You are the guys who saved the city, not the BMC, not the State Government. And we know that the next time around, we can count on you!

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