Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Better day

Still sad about Steve Irwin - can't believe it, its not like I knew the guy. Otherwise had a good start to the day. Got to hear some nice things about my capabilities, even though nothing might come about because of that. Heard a nice number yesterday:

I need to find my destiny.
Drop my anchors, set me free.
You don't know how it feels,
'Till your hand is on the wheel.
Drop my anchor, set me free.

Rise and fall,
Climb the walls.
Won't stop till I have it all.
One man can make a difference.
The battle's inside of me.
The fight's begun, but not yet won.
And I won't become one more casualty.
- Casualty, Marty Casey & Lovehammers.

Surprised that Marty Casey was a Rockstar: INXS runner up.

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