Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A second hand emotion

For as long as I can remember the whole concept of "love" has been rather puzzling to me. It beats me why Romeo would kill himself for a girl he met a few days ago and has no business being with? People tell me its a beautiful emotion, makes you feel this way and that. IMHO, its just an overrated thing. I mean, lets look at the flip side - overwrought emotions, perceptible increase in silliness, loss of space and in some cases a blurring of identity, deeper wounds and longer lasting hurt. And still I observe people getting into this everyday.

I've been attempting to understand the biomechanics behind this (see this post). The question is - can this be fixed? Can human behaviour be altered or aided through some kind of medical therapy so that we don't have to fall prey to such emotions? Or if that doesn't work out, some kind of mechanism to reassure people so that the downside can be protected?

Anyway, here's a great video.


Pumpkin said...

An interesting question hun!

All emotions can be both wonderful and horrific at times. They can also be inconvenient and useless.....however, the theme of 'getting rid of' or 'nullifying' emotions has been looked at over the past several several years, through books, films, psychological papers etc and in each case, it seems that people require emotions (love, hate, fear,joy,pain,excitement etc) to survive and exist as human beings!

A perfect look at this particular question would be the film 'Equilibrium'. An incredibly good film that could assist in some way with your questions on this subject.



CYCO said...

I do agree with the comment posted by Pumpkin. It has become an essential entity of our very being, irrespective all interpretations.