Monday, August 27, 2007

Some Morrison to liven up the day

For me, nothing can be more soothing than to hear Jim's voice on American Prayer. Jimbo's poetry can give me life, set me right anytime, any place, anyhow. Sampler:


I can make the earth stop in
its tracks. I made the
blue cars go away.

I can make myself invisible or small.
I can become gigantic & reach the
farthest things. I can change
the course of nature.
I can place myself anywhere in
space or time.
I can summon the dead.
I can perceive events on other worlds,
in my deepest inner mind,
& in the minds of others.

I can.

I am.
(from Wilderness - The Lost Writings of Jim Morrison).

Powerful though it is, An American Prayer isn't just about Morrison's poetry. The Doors created some pretty awesome music for the album. My favourite is A Feast of Friends:

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