Monday, December 20, 2004

On Phiolosophy, or why we invent it

'Swades' turned out to be one long movie. Shah Rukh is a surprise, with a performance that is devoid of most of his usual antics. However, the movie lacks depth and utterly fails to convince me that a guy should give up a potentially promising career at NASA and settle down in a gaon in India. Is the movie trying to tell us that we can actually do something about everything else? Yes, the plight of villagers in India is miserable, but haven't we learnt to turn a blind eye to misfortune when it is not ours? How many young sparks have we met that have turned into wizened old men who think that action depends on a veil of illusion. Understanding destroys action, says Philosophy. The sad part is that most of us understand too well.

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