Tuesday, December 07, 2004

What's life without a little fantasy?

One of the best things about travelling in Mumbai's local trains is the conversation. This morning, I was trying my best to sleep in the women's first class when three college kids got in. Usual talk - clothes, boys, parents... till the topic of movies came up. Harry Potter. One of the girls then said that she hates movies about magic, like Harry Potter, Star Wars (!), and the Lord of the Rings. Quote - they have no base in reality!-Unquote. Well, as a person who reads fiction like my life depends on it, I'd like to say this - What's the fun in reality? We are faced with more than enough of it in everyday life, work, money, people... What's life without fantasy? A little bit of the unreal can spice up your life. Try it, and you'll be amazed!

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Anonymous said...

Those in Mumbai trains might not share your views of Fantasy and living in that world. Its just because they don't get to see much of it, much less time to imagine and explore it.