Friday, December 17, 2004

On working out

I'm at an age and position where I simply must start to exercise. It is a pain to discover that the days of eating everything you can lay your hands on and still stay skinny are over. The age of working out has arrived. What's the problem with that? - it requires a supreme effort of will to make yourself start after a dull day at work and 3 hours of travel. But get past that, and its a real good way to bust the accumulated stress. Plus, the bliss after the workout is almost spiritual. May the Powers That Be give me the courage to start everyday!

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Anonymous said...

age and position - must "start" to exercise - supreme effort - bliss n spirituality. Nice way to put it.

I hate to pronounce it, but being fat is not a good thing, especially with friends who seem to be more concerned than you are. I certainly am putting in the effort, but getting to tie my shoe laces sends me jogging to the fridge for a can of beer. I simply never manage to leave the front door.

Do blog more about your successes on this front. "The start" I mean.