Thursday, March 03, 2005

God bless Internet radio!

Do you remember the last time when you heard a song so beautiful that you had tears in your eyes before you knew it? Or the time when you ran to switch the radio off because you didn't want it to open a Pandora's box of memories? Or the time you wished for wings on your feet so that you could soar like an eagle with that tune on your lips?... Sometimes I wish I'd been around in the 70s when the fathers of rock 'n roll made music so beautiful and true, worshipped Jim on stage, felt the psychedelia seep through me at a Floyd concert, watched Eddie sing Jeremy like the lion he used to be. But good music is not dead yet - there is one Green Day for every one thousand 'N Syncs, one Radiohead for every million Britneys. Pity that these guys aren't pretty enough for their albums to be sold in India. I am very grateful to the Internet, for without Internet radio, I would drown in the muck that people call music these days.


Prakriti said...

Sigh! Why do you write like this? Makes me pain!

I have been meaning to send you a couple of songs since some time now. Just haven't got around to bringing them here.

Have you heard Grateful Dead's "Smokestack Lightning". Roy Buchanan's "When a guitar plays the blues". Lennon's "While my guitar gently weeps"?


Prakriti said...

Narrow escape, lady. An absolutely narrow escape!