Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What's going on?

A lot has happened since my last post. A few of the things that touched me.

Euthanasia, or whatever one calls it, is a topic I have never been able to make my mind up on. I suppose that Schiavo shouldn't be just starved to death, but what right does anyone have to keep her alive when her mind and body seem to have given up long ago. It is indeed sad that a court of law has the power to decide if a human being should live or die (I am against capital punishment, but that's an easier issue to decide on, isn't it?).

Another teenager went on a rampage and killed his 9 people including 7 fellow students before killing himself. What's happening to you, America? May all their souls rest in peace.

On another note, the competition is hotting up in the web mail space. Yahoo is all set to increase mailbox space to 1G. IMHO, Gmail is still better, and way more functional.

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G[N]Urpreet said...

gmail is the perfect example of what we call "User Centered Design".