Wednesday, March 09, 2005

On maturity, or lack thereof

A couple of years ago, a friend who was fast approaching his 25th birthday told me, "Life will never be the same on the wrong side of 25". I had no idea what he meant till I crossed 25 a few months ago. Gone are the glorious days when I could get away with murder with the excuse of being an adolescent. The days of good behaviour are here to stay. Time and again, I have to remind myself that I have no right to behave the way I do because I am more than a quarter of a century old. I need to display maturity,even if I really don't have that beast inside my head. I have to smile and say "How nice" when I feel like raising an eyebrow as if to say "What shit!". I must act nice with the stranger on the train who knows more about a lost love than I do whilst my heart is getting torn into shreds. I have to smile at someone I'd really like to slap. Worse still, I can't be myself with anyone anymore, not even my parents. Was I 21 just yesterday, stepping out into the world like a frisky little lamb? Why does it feel like this one year has aged me much more than the 24 before?


Prakriti said...

Aw come on. AWWW COME ON!!!

You can't be doing this. Not YOU! The scrounge of dumb niceties! The revered 'original' thought among the sickening masks of recycled ugly garbage. The high priestess of beautiful immaturity?

Why, D?

Why do you HAVE to be mature?

Will you tell me the excuses or shall you tell me a reason, that is if one exists apart from inertia?

abhi said...

come grow old with me
he best is yet to be