Monday, February 19, 2007

A lot happened over the weekend...

... a lot of rest, that is. Neck and shoulders more or less in shape now. Just hoping that sitting at a computer doesn't make things bad again! Moved out to catch Music & Lyrics and the Roger Waters show on Sunday.

The Roger Water's show first.
Long queues, total chaos and hurting feet seemed to be worth it when the show started off with In The Flesh. But at the end of the show I came out feeling...well, disappointed. I am still wondering why I didn't enjoy the show - he played quite a few of my favourite songs (Have A Cigar & Vera were the high points!), the sound was great once we hit the right spot, the crowd was roaring away to glory. But! Maybe it was the fact that I couldn't see anything on stage, or that the show seemed to run like a well oiled machine with no spontaneity whatsoever. Or maybe I have just outgrown Pink Floyd.

Movie Review: Music and Lyrics
At the outset, let me make it clear that I don't like romantic comedies. I find them cliched, sappy and unbearably cloying. Music and Lyrics is cliched, a little bit sappy, but is saved from being boring and icky sweet by sheer virtue of its lead pair. Hugh Grant seems to have gotten a wacky sense of comedy when he got rid of his famous locks. And Drew Barrymore is so likable, even when she is in a bad movie. Together Grant and Barrymore redeem Music and Lyrics from descending to routine romcom fare.

Grant plays Alex Fletcher, a has-been pop star from an 80s band called Pop! (which is clearly inspired by Wham!). Reduced to playing at amusement parks and high school reunions where he happily obliges the crowd with his once famous hip shakes, Alex gets an opportunity to write a song for teen star Cora Corman. According to Alex's manager, Cora (a mix of Britney and Shakira) is bigger than Britney and Christina put together and a hit with her would help Alex's non existent career. But Alex can only write music and needs someone to help with the lyrics.

Enter Sophie Fischer, who comes in to water Alex's plants, who seems to be a natural born lyricist and plant killer. Sophie is also nursing a broken heart and crushed spirit post an affair with her professor who has used her as a model for an unflattering character in his recent best seller. Well, the rest is easy to figure. Barrymore and Grant seem mismatched at first, and as the movie progresses, we see that's why they are so right for each other. Together, they rise above all the little problems that romcoms typically have and their banter is just so causal and funny. I loved the scene where Sophie tells Alex "That's wonderfully sensitive, Alex. Especially for someone who wears such tight pants." Beat. Then Alex says, "It forces all the blood to my heart". Man, find me a guy like that!!

The soundtrack also works well for the movie, A Way Back Into Love - the song that Alex and Sophie eventually write for Cora is catchy, but I really loved Pop! Goes My Heart. Replete with weird hairdos (they were fashionable then, says Alex!), funny dancing and dream sequences, its a scream, just like the movie! Watch:

PS: I went to the Roger Waters show after I saw Music and Lyrics and I couldn't help relating Waters to Fletcher. And did I mention that I streaked my hair violet?


Sri said...

violet??? man,thats ur latest pic

Diviya said...

well nothing drastic, I said streaked. A little bit dramatic, maybe. I suppose my folks will kill me if they see me :).