Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Microsoft's at it again

I remember attending a lecture by Richard Stallman while I was working as a techie at Hyderabad. Came away enthralled - what passion! For the first time, I understood what free software really meant. Though I've never been an active participant in the free software movement, I try to do my bit. Recently, Microsoft reared its ugly head again, cutting a deal with Novell in November that included a cross-patent protection agreement that some critics say implies Microsoft has legal rights to Linux. The Free Software Foundation is trying to undermine the deal. I hope they are successful!

Update: 29 March 2007, 4:56 pm
St.iGNUcius strikes back!


Prakriti said...

fancy that! and i was "spreading the message of free software across the engineering colleges of Maharashtra and Karnataka during my third and final year at engineering" (from my CV)

Arun said...

Free software - Efforts and the ability of the author(s) nullified or paid in kind/cheer. The grand socialist way of operation is always the preferred choice of the needy, the mediocre and the leecher. Although, my heart asks me to side with the free movement, my mind tells me that all innovation comes at a price. Revolutions dont happen for nothing. Fight Microsoft not through regulations but by offering a better value proposition. If you can distribute s/w for free, great - but dont say thats the rule.