Monday, April 16, 2007

Whats the story, morning glory

"You know that when any member of my family has decided to do anything, he does it. Be it the freedom struggle, the division of Pakistan or taking India to the 21st century." Dude, your family decided to free India? Wasn't the pathetic state of the Indian economy the real reason behind liberalization? Well, didn't your grandfather divide India in the first place? In that case, shouldn't he talk about the emergency, Bofors, Golden Temple... what an ass! And one arrogant bugger.

Wonderwall is a bit too mushy for me. And I like it better when Liam sings. This is the song that made me fall in love with the (then) bad boys of Brit rock.

Watch a foul mouthed babe out-act Will Ferrell in this hilarious video! Watched Undercover Brother a few days back. Awesome fun!

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