Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Some jabber for a rather pleasant morning

42. The answer to Life, the Universe and Everything. The catch? Nobody knows what the question is. Life is a many headed beast - chop off one and two grow back. I used to think that I could spend life being a spectator (read Eyeless in Gaza, people!), till it grabbed me with grubby paws and dragged me into the maelstrom. I come up for air every once in a while, and I'm sucked back in again. Sweet escape seems so far away. But then, what would I do if I did manage to escape?

Becoming specks of matter flitting randomly across the universe seems like a good idea. But then, I'm already kinda doing that now. I am just floating - rudderless, going where the tide takes me (and boy, does it take me places sometimes). Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I love the feeling of being anchor-less, unbound. But then, some part of me wants to find a sunny shore where I can germinate and take root. The question now is, how much of a change is that? Is it possible to be equipped to handle that? What if it just creeps up, catches me unawares?

Sometimes I wonder if other people know what they want from life, where they're headed. When I look around and hear people talking about what they want to be, I am totally amazed. Isn't life too ephemeral to be making big plans for tomorrow? Is it just me who is clueless (except for about where I'm headed on Saturday night)? How do people know what they want?

Like Estha said, "Anything can happen. Its best to be prepared". On that note, here's Alanis with Ironic.


U No Hoo said...

Brilliant.. I cannot agree more iwth you on this. Superb piece..

Pumpkin said...

Wow, you do ask a lot of my brain on a Tuesday morning, but I do like the way your mind works, so here's my comment:
There was a 'song' out years ago called 'Sunscreen'...one of the lines is:
"Some of the most interesting people I know, don't know what they want to be when they're 40!"
And that pretty much sums up how I view the whole 'what you want from life...' question. Life can be good with a little direction, but it's too short to have it all planned out from the moment you're born!
I envy the freedom that you have lass, and I wish you tons of fun with it!
Oh, and Ironic happens to be a perfect tune!

ahiri said...

am waiting for your Cheeni Kum review!