Monday, April 21, 2008

Moving again

Three houses at Andheri, a couple of months at Colaba and now I have landed up at Wadala. That makes it the fifth house in 4 years, and 11 moves over 12 years. If anyone tells me I have to move again in a hurry, I solemnly swear that I shall scream.

Btw, did I tell you that service quality in India s$#%s BIG TIME? For example,

(See missed call on the phone from Whirlpool customer care and call back)

Disembodied Voice (DV):
Hello, Whirpool service centre.
Me: Hi, I'm calling from (number), I received a call from your centre.
DV: May I know who I'm talking to?
(Couple of exchanges while I give him my name and explain that I have lodged a complaint for my fridge and washing machine. Could he please send someone over on Saturday/Sunday because I'm working during the week?)

: Yes ma'm, you wanted an ice tray.
Me: No, I don't want an ice tray. The one in my brand new fridge came broken and you have to replace it.
DV: Yes ma'm, you have lodged a complaint.
Me: Yes, I know that. Could you please tell me why your service centre was trying to reach me?
DV: Yes ma'm, you wanted an ice tray.
Me: Of course I did. But why did you call me?
DV: You lodged a complaint.
Me: Yes, so what about it?
DV: Do you want an ice tray?
Me: Yes, I do. Are you planning to give me one?
DV: Yes ma'm.
Me: ????
DV: Will you be at home at 5 p.m.?
Me: I just told you I want someone sent over on Saturday/ Sunday.
DV: Can I send someone over tomorrow?
Me: ??????????
DV: Will tomorrow be ok for you, ma'm?
Me: No, Saturday, Sunday!
DV: Ok ma'm, we will call you.
(Hangs up)

You dont want to know what happened with Haier!


crazyBugga said...

ok so they hired the wrong guy. Lodge a complaint [:)]

not that THAT wud work though!

Diviya said...

May 1st - and I have had some 20 repeats of the same conversation. And the broken ice tray!