Friday, February 25, 2005


Sometimes the hype raises expectations to unmanageable levels. However, this was not the case when I went to see Black last night. I expected a clunky, weepy, saccharine sweet Bollywood movie and Black did not disappoint, atleast not in the first half. The second half is better, with Rani turning in her best performance to date. The Big B is getting very tiresome these days, the man needs to look at something different. For a movie about a deaf-blind girl, the movie is way too noisy. The background score swells at the appropriate moments, warning the viewers of the emotions to come before the actors get a chance to actually show it to them. However, Bhansali does deserve credit for touching on topics that are taboo in Indian cinema - the flowering of the girl into a woman and the consequences it has on the relationship between teacher and student have been handled quite well. Verdict - Worth a watch.


Prakriti said...

"For a movie about a deaf-blind girl, the movie is way too noisy. "

Can't believe you feel that way too! For a movie about a deaf and blind girl, there was just too much talk!

Why don't bollywood movies understand the "sounds of silence" or the power of subtlety?

For a movie which had just so much invested in it, heart and soul, every frame made into an utter classic, didn't it quite make sense to hire a dialogue writer who wouldn't make you cringe?

Look at Dil Chahta hai. Even something as commercial or unambitious as Saathiya. Not ONE word out of place!

G[N]Urpreet said...

Have heard this phrase quite a few times - 'Flowering of a girl into a women'. What does it exactly mean? (I am not a woman or a girl so I dont know)

Is the intellectual(and not physical) change so noticable? I mean I cannot say that for the conversion of a boy to a man, infact its not that evident, atleast in my case...