Thursday, February 24, 2005

On reptiles

A new species of crocodile has been found in Australia. Now, I'm sure that a sizeable number of the population would hardly find this bit of news interesting. I happen to like almost all species of reptiles - snakes, frogs, and crocs. I still remember my first encounter with the great salt water croc in a south Indian zoo when I was barely 10. My first reaction was - Awesome!!

Probably the greatest predator on earth, the croc has always evoked negative reactions in the general population. People think that crocs are mean, vicious, and sluggish. Why? Because they don't look like tigers or lions? And its not just crocs, all reptiles are discriminated against. In fact, the word "reptilian" is used to describe someone despicable or treacherous. People should take some time off, watch some National Geographic or read some books, learn about reptiles. Maybe then they'll be able to overcome prejudice and start respecting these magnificent creatures.

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Prakriti said...

You know, it really has to deal with more of the primal brain than the conscious mind. In pre-historic times, homo sapiens as a species were most often hunted down by reptiles, not the sabre toothed tigers, or mammoths as it is more often believed.

The habit of sleeping also stems from this innate need to "lie low" during dark hours(because the human eye cannot see pretty well during the darkness).

The bible also had the serpent offering the forbidden fruit.

Moreover, it 'slithers','slips along on his belly','sheds it's skin', is 'cold-blooded',is "cold and slimy".

With SO many metaphors like that, do you really think the common man can get over his innate fear of the reptile?

I think you would really like THE DRAGONS OF EDEN, by CARL SAGAN