Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Finding Neverland

Finally managed to catch Finding Neverland this Monday. Johnny Depp stars as JM Barrie, the man who is inspired by four boys and their widowed mother to create one of the most loved children's epics- Peter Pan. Depp and Winslet are good, and the children are amazing. The movie gets off to a good start (loved the dancing-with-the bear scene), but quickly descends into being an almost typical Hollywood tear jerker. Neverland will probably give Depp the Oscar that has been due for quite some time now. With Pirates II and a probable Oscar under his belt, Depp has finally turned into what I suppose he never wanted to be - a mainstream Hollywood star. No complaints, so long as he keeps doing work like Ed Wood and Dead Man once in a while.


Prakriti said...

I personally feel "Edward Scissorhands" was Depp's best yet, though there have been other movies of his that I have enjoyed much more, of course Pirates and "Don Juan De Marco" among them(he can do the swagger like no other!), or the very very very sweet "Before Sunrise".

While on movies, have you seen "Dangerous Liaisons"(Personally think Malkovich's best)? absolutely love the movie!

Diviya said...

Before Sunrise was Ethan Hawke. Yes, Depp was brilliant as Scissorhands, but I thought he did a splendid job as the eccentric Ed Wood.

Venkat said...

Not to mention "Donnie Brasco" where Depp plays a undercover FBI agent and "Benny & Joon" where he is an eccentric man who models himself after Buster KEaton